Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm not Catholic.  I never pretended to be Catholic.  I'm Protestant.  Or to be more exact, I always felt more comfortable with Protestantism.  Or rather, Protestantism is about as comfortable than I'll ever be with Christianity.  I have a really huge problem with the Book of Revelations (In such a case that I always felt that it should've been left out).  My refusal to accept the Book of Revelations have always been a huge stumbling block for me.  And in addition, Catholicism is obsessed with rituals while Protestantism makes Christianity much more approachable to the average person.  But if I really had a choice in the matter, I'd feel most comfortable in a Jewish Synagogue.  Yet, I legally changed my name from Steven Harold Kaplan to Steven Post Hitchcock when I converted to Christianity on May 7, 1992.  How many Jewish Synagogues are there in Colmbus, Ohio anyway?  How many Jewish Synagogues are there in Cleveland, Ohio.  Oh yes, I sure picked the wrong state to continue being a Jew.  And there's no shortage of Christians (Mostly Protestants) seeking to convert the non-Christian.  Oh yes, I never had the chance when it came to Holy Baptism water. 
And as I'm lost in thought about religion, here are some photos of actress Shannyn Sossamon.


What can I say within the span of four minutes.  What can I write about within the span of four minutes.  Four minutes isn't a lot of time.  So I'll just type out the first thing that comes to mind and hope that what I write will be sufficient.  The clock is ticking.  The clock is moving forward.  The clock never moves backwards.  The clock never freezes in mid-motion.  Time keeps moving forward regardless of if the Gentle Reader and I is prepared for it or now.  Tick tock.  The clock moves forward.  And for those with an organized plan for the future, the continual march forward of time is of no consequences.  It's those who isn't prepared for the march forward of time who ends up getting screwed by their lack of preperation.  And I pray to GOD that I have a sufficient enough plan for the future so that I'm not screwed by my own actions and behavior.  So far, so good.  I'm in good shape so far and I hope to continue to be so in the years to come.
And as I'm lost in thought about clocks, here are some photos of actress Ming-Na Wen.


Well, the big moment is here.  The epic monumental event that changes everything that everybody has been waiting decades for the arrival of has arrived.  Yup, the Gentle Reader guessed it.  Pope Benedict XVI resigns from office today.  The fisherman rings that Pope Benedict XVI uses to sign documents will be destroyed (Since those rings can only be used once by only one Roman Catholic Pope maximum).  And while spending the rest of his life in a monistary, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will wear a simplified version of his Roman Catholic Pope uniform.  And for a revered religious (And political) position that dates back to the very first Roman Catholic Pope, Saint Peter the Apostal, the mere fact that Pope Benedict XVI is leaving office today as part of his resignation is nothing short of shocking.  He claims to be old, frail and lacking energy.  And a Cardinal within the Roman Catholic Church will be elected the new Pope of the Roman Catholic church.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI already stated that he'll obey the new incoming Pope of the Roman Catholic Church when he's elected into office by the College of Cardinals (All the Cardinals currently employed by the Roman Catholic Church is called the College of Cardinals).  And what does Emeritus mean.  Well, Emeretis is a fancy way of saying retired.  So starting tomorrow, it's Pope Retired Benedict XVI or Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.  It must be nice for Pope Emeritus XVI to have the capacity to walk away from a lifetime political position so easily and with so few consequences (Beyond having to still wear a Roman Catholic Pope uniform and living for the rest of his life locked up in a monistary with few opportunities for outside activities).

 A helicopter takes Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI away from Vatican City towards his Summer Vacation mansion for some rest and relaxation before his life in a monastery within Vatican City.  When you really think of it, the monastery where Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will be spending the rest of his life inside is only down the street and around the corner from here he conducted his last order of business before his resignation took effect.  He only needed the Popemobile---Not a helicopter to make the trip.  Needing the helicopter rather than the Popemobile just to travel down the street and around the corner is overflowing with metaphors.  Since Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI can't ascend to heaven after his resignation takes effect today because he's sill alive, he'll need assistance from the Italian Government Air Force to climb towards heaven instead.

Starting tomorrow, the Roman Catholic Church isn't going to have a Pope running the day to day affairs for Vatican City in particular and the entire Catholic faith in general until the next College of Cardinals election for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's replacement.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The newest poster that's used to promote the upcoming film Iron Man 3 shows film actress Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts dropping her head in sadness while holding his helmet as if she's mourning the death of Anthony Stark aka Iron Man.  In other words, it looks as if the Mandarin is going to kill off the cyborg super-hero in a manner that can't be resurrected---Not even if he wants to.  And Gwyneth Paltrow is so sincere about how sad she is that Iron Man appears to be dead in a manner than can't be resurrected.  It kind of makes the Gentle Reader and I wonder what type of direction the film The Avengers 2 is going to take if Iron Man dies forever and ever in Iron Man 3.  Wear black to the film premiere of Iron Man 3 because it looks like a very sad film to be watching when Anthony Stark is forced to crucify himself for the greater good of humanity (And the world has moved on without him to such a degree that he's no longer needed). 
Hey, did Anthony Stark aka Iron man ever asked Pepper Potts if she actually wanted to be his sidekick or did he just drag her into it without her input or permission.  Whatever the case may be, it looks like he's going to pay the price if Pepper Potts was forced against her wishes to be Iron Man's girlfriend/sidekick.  First Batman is crucified for the great good of humanity in a manner that can't be repaired (Not even if he wants to).  And now it's Iron Man's turn to realize that he's not wanted or needed to save the human race.  And now it's Iron Man's turn to realize that the human race always viewed him as in irritation that's better off forgotten about.  Maybe Anthony Stark aka Iron Man should've asked the Human Race if they ever needed him to save them from evil.  Maybe if Iron Man bothered to do so he would've realized how unappreciated he always have been viewed as.  It's all academic since he's about to be crucified in a manner that can't be repaired, (not even if he wanted to), regardless of his opinion (Which was never asked for or needed).  I guess the Avengers will need somebody else to help out with the upcoming war against Thanos in The Avengers 2.    Oh well, such things happen. 
Honestly, were the Gentle Reader actually expecting Tony Stark aka Iron Man to actually survive a direct battle against the Mandarin---An evil (and seriously pissed off) Green Lantern Corps reject looking for revenge for a perceived injustice that Tony Stark aka Iron Man had nothing to do with.  Come on, it's the metaphorical equivalent of sending a Dalek against General Zod.  I'm sorry to say this about Tony Stark aka Iron Man, but the poor shmuck never stood a chance in heck of surviving. 


It rained almost non-stop yesterday.  Or rather, there wasn't any rain in the morning, but there was plenty of rain in the afternoon.  And there was briefly rain today, but not anymore.  It stopped raining and that was more than enough to wash away the snow.  And so without snow and still a rain soaked ground, Cleveland, Ohio has went from Winter to a combination of Late Auttumn and an Early Spring.  And soon it will be officially Auttumn.  And beyond that will be the start of Summer.  Oh yes Gentle Reader, I can't wait for Summer to arrive.  I'm saying that because I always enjoyed warm weather, but I don't want to sacrafice Winter just in order to get Summer back.  And Winter without much cold and without much snow gets me worried about Global Warming.  Still, it's always an event when snow actually falls in the Winter.  So I'll get what tiny bits of Winter that I'm allowed to get before Summer graces us with a return.
And as I'm lost in thought about the bright green grass in the Wintertime, here are some photos of the following celebrities.
Rachel Korine, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez have been arrested for drugs, alcoholism and purchasing lots of guns to shoot lots of people with (They got really sharp knives too).
Chloƫ Grace Moretz

 Anne Hathaway

Lea Michele

 Ashley Greene

Ashley Tisdale

 Ashley Benson


Ashlee Simpson

Sienna Miller and a close friend

Nina Dobrev and a close friend

 Ashley Judd (Half sister of Wynonna Judd (Born under the name Christina Claire Ciminella) and daughter of Naomi Judd.  Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd formed a mother/daughter country music duet known as the Judds).  Most of Ashley Judd's films and television show episodes were limited to the action adventure film genre.  Refusing to record any albums or go on tour like her mother and her half-sister, Ashley Judd (She was born under the name Ashley Tyler Ciminella) limits her celebrity career only to movies and television.

Noomi Rapace

 Gwyneth Paltrow